Target Iran: Drawing Red Lines in the Sand - William John Cox

Target Iran: Drawing Red Lines in the Sand

By William John Cox

  • Release Date: 2012-09-11
  • Genre: Politique et actualit√©


At 60 manuscript pages and 100 sources, Target Iran is of the new genre of eBooks on critical political subjects written for the modern reader who requires reliable background information to reach an informed opinion, but whose time is too limited to go to the library or conduct independent research.A history of Iran and its conflict with the United States and Israel over its uranium enrichment program, a discussion of the likelihood of war between the parties and a proposal for a comprehensive nuclear weapons policy for all nations.Iran, the last remnant of the ancient Persian Empire, is presently threatened by the greatest superpower in history - the United States of America.Rather than attack, or allow Israel to attack, the United States should immediately reestablish diplomatic relations with Iran, negotiate unconditionally and ensure the protection of Iran from armed attack by Israel or any other nation.The U.S. should adopt a comprehensive policy that seeks to avoid the expansion of nuclear weapons to Iran and all other nations. The ultimate goal of the policy should be the elimination of all nuclear weapons by every nation, including Israel, within ten years.Resolution of the existing crisis requires a clear understanding of the history of the Iranian people and the steps and missteps that have led to the crisis.